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Flame Retardant Aluminum Alloy Conductor Cable

Overall Performance Indicators:


he conductivity of the aluminum alloy is 61.5% of the most commonly used reference materials copper, IACS current carrying capacity is 79% of the copper, is better than pure aluminum standard. However, in the same volume, the actual weight of the aluminum alloy is about one-third of the copper. According to this calculation, the premise meet the same conductive properties, for the same weight, aluminum cable length is twice that of the copper cable. Therefore, for the same current carrying capacity,its weight of aluminum cable is about half of the copper. Aluminum cable instead of copper can reduce the weight of the cable, and reduce installation costs, reduce the wear and tear of equipment and make installation easier.

Creep Resistance

The alloy material and the annealing process, for the aluminum alloy conductor, reduces the tendency to creep of the conductor under the heat and pressure, compared to pure aluminum,the creep resistance is increased by 300%.

Tensile Strength and Elongation

    For a
luminum alloy conductor,compared to pure aluminum conductor, using a special process, and added a special ingredient, greatly improves the tensile strength and elongation increased to 30%, the use of more secure and reliable.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

The thermal expansion coefficient is used to calculate the size of the material changes when the temperature changes. To a thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy and copper, aluminum connector have been reliably used for copper and aluminum conductors over the years, and the majority of electrical connector in use today are made of aluminum,which is particularly suitable for aluminum alloy. Therefore, the expansion and contraction of the aluminum alloy conductor,is completely consistent with the connector.


Electrical connection, for use aluminum alloy or copper,they both are security and stability. Aluminum alloy composition has been greatly improved for connection performance, even in overload and overheating for a long time,and it is able to ensure a stable connection, when the conductor annealing, creep resistance, high strength iron added.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Aluminum alloy has greatly improve the tensile strength compared to pure aluminum, aluminum alloy cable can support the dead weight of a length of 4000 m, copper cable can only support 2750 m. The advantages in the construction of large span (such as sports stadiums) and wiring are reflected particularly prominent.

Corrosion Protection

Aluminum inherent corrosion protection performance is produced from when the aluminum surface in contact with air to form a thin solid oxide layer, the oxide layer, especially to withstand various forms of corrosion.Because of rare earth elements added to the alloy ,and it can further improve the corrosion resistance of an aluminum alloy, especially electrochemical corrosion. The aluminum can withstand the harsh environment and it is widely used in the tray inner conductors of the cable, as well as many industrial components and containers. Generation of corrosion is usually associated with the connection of different metals in a humid environment,if it can be used the corresponding protective measures to prevent the occurrence of corrosion, such as the use of lubricants, anti-oxidants and the protective coating. Alkaline soil, and some types of acidic soil environment is more corrosive to aluminum, aluminum conductors for direct burial, insulation layer or molded sheath  should be used to prevent corrosion. Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive sulfur in the environment, such as railway tunnels and other similar places, much better than copper.


Aluminum alloy with good bending performance, it has unique alloy formulation, processing technology, the flexibility to be substantially increased. Aluminum alloy is 30% higher than the copper flexibility, rebound 40% lower than copper. Usually copper bending radius of an outer diameter of 10 to 20 times, and the bending radius of the aluminum alloy cable is only 7 times the outer diameter,it is much easier for the terminal connections.

Pressed Characteristics

Considering single volume conductivity less than copper,for aluminium alloy conductor, we have developed not only from the material properties to have made improvements, but also to achieve a major breaking through in the technological aspects, we adopt unconventional pressed tightly technology, so pressed coefficient reached 0.93,but the profiled aliuminium alloy conductor wire pressed coefficient can reach 0.95, leading process technology in China. Maximum limit of pressed, can make up for the lack of aluminum alloy in the bulk conductivity, stranded conductor wire core similiar to solid conductor in general, significantly reducing the outer diameter of the wire core, improve conductivity,outside diameter for equivalent ampacity conductors is only 10% larger than copper.

Armored Characteristics

Most of the commonly steel tape armored cable,its security level is lower, its resilience by external destructive easily lead to the breakdown, and heavier, very high installation costs, poor corrosion resistance, life is shorter. Based on US standard,Mingda developed aluminium alloy interlock armored cable, the use of aluminum alloy with interlock armored  between its layers and layers of interlock structure, to ensure that the cable can withstand powerful destructive force from outside, even if the cable is subjected to greater pressure and impact, the cable is not ocurred breakdown, to improve the safety performance. Structure of interlock armored cable is isolated,if fire happened, armor layer is abble to  improve the  cable refractory level,to reduce the fire risk coefficient. Aluminum alloy with a sheathed structure compared to the steel tape armored, it is lighter in weight and convenient laying for free tray installation, and also installation costs can be reduced by 20% to 40%. Customer can choose the use of different outer sheath based on different places , to make more extensive use of armored cable.

Flame-retardant Performance

Excellent conductor performance is just one of its cable insulation with flame retardant silane crosslinked polyethylene, to achieve different levels of flame-retardant depending on the requirements , flame retardant  FT4 level, along burning fuel not dripping, burning LSZH, greatly improve the use of security level. Cable with aluminum alloy  armored interlock structure and LSZH polyolefin sheath can withstand 750℃ to 800 ℃, 40min of flame,it does not occur along the burning and dripping phenomenon, and can continue to supply power, its flame-retardant performance has reach retardant IA-class standards.

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