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LSZH Fire Retardant Aluminum Alloy Conductor Cable

Product Overview

    LSZH flame retardant and fire resistant all aluminum alloy conductor(AAAC) with interlocking armored process, The insulation and sheathed materials for the cable,it has perfect performance based on proficiency of production process.
    Independent research and development LSZH organic flame retardants added  the siliane to crosslinked polyethylene insulation compound, much better than the traditional inorganic flame retardants, have excellent electrical properties and anti-aging properties, long service life, flame-retardant properties excellent, an excellent LSZH level, more safety and environmental protection. rare earth high iron aluminum alloy conductor material resistant mica tape, ③ LSZH flame retardant siliane crosslinked polyethylene insulation  flame retardant glass fiber wrapped with aluminum alloy with a interlocking armored, polyolefin sheath.

Characteristics of Flame Retardant 

  The refractory performance for traditional aluminum conductor cable  is much lower than AAAC, and does not apply to involve a higher level of fire safety spaces designed rare earth high-speed rail aluminum alloy conductor, fire-resistant mica tape, fire retardant silane crosslinked polyethylene insulation, fire-retardant glass fiber wrapped with LSZH flame retardant polyolefin jacket, aluminum alloy with interlocking armored LSZH flame retardant polyolefin outer sheath structure of aluminum alloy cable in the 750℃ ~ 800 ℃ subjected to 40 min. retardant fire test to achieve a flame retardant the IA grade, refractory grade I, to be applied to a higher level of fire safety place.
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