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Corporate Culture


Corporation spirit:

Diligence, rigorous, harmonious, innovation

Business philosophy:

Good faith shape the image, management promote team, quality create famous brand, service develop the market

Corporation vision:

Create world class brand, to build world class quality, to build world class service, to build world class benefits,to build world class environment, to build world class treatment

Corporation mission:

Improve the level of industry, leading industry leaders, create core value, to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service

Corporation tenet:

Taking economic benefits as the center; In order to meet customer needs and expectations as the goal, With harmony, stability, for the purpose of scientific development.

Corporation position:

Leading technology, lean manufacturing; Innovation and development, the pursuit of excellence;

Scientific management, people-oriented, The market first, scale of operation;

System policy:

Science and technology innovation, to meet customer requirements and expectations, create outstanding brand.

Core values:

Create value, benefits the society,make employees rich.

Employees view:

Create value for society, for the company to create profits, to create your own space.

Team standard:

Learning, independent, thinking, cooperation and mutual aid.

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