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Ping An Financial Center Project

Ping An International Finance Center Project is invested by Ping An Life Insurance Company of China. The major subject is 558.45 m high with 118 floors. The spire height is 600.00 m. It covers a total building area of about 460,000 m2. Upon completion, it will be a world-leading, sustainable, intelligent urban building that integrates functions of office, commerce and sightseeing to provide excellent services for the final customers and become a landmark.

The tallest building in the South China 
Ping An International Finance Center under construction, invested by China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd, locates in plot 01 in Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province . 
This building has a designed height of 598 m with more than 100 floors aboveground, covering a building area of 460,000m2. Upon completion, it will be the tallest building in the South China. 
In appearance this building, which is composed of a tower building and a podium building, stands upright and surges into the sky. The external wall of the tower building is mainly made of glass curtain walls. During the daytime, the sun is abundant. And during the nighttime, it shines with lights. The podium building is totally constructed with stone. 
Deep foundation and elaborate construction 
A stable foundation is a key to build such a skyscraper. Ping An International Finance Center has eight superlarge foundations pits under the building, each with a length of 60 m and an extension to the top. The building is supported by eight giant columns from the foundation to the top vertically and fixed by seven large steel trusses from up to down horizontally.  This building, firm and stable, has top technical indexes among domestic  buildings. 
During the construction of Ping An International Finance Center, such materials including many superlarge steel components and concrete need to be moved up and down, conveyed and reassembled in the air. The biggest steel component even weighs 150 tons. Thereafter, in both welding or aloft work, the construction difficulty and precision of Ping An International Finance Center are far beyond any previous projects in the country. Precision determines achievement. 
During this process, Fortune Lighting, responsible for detailed design of lighting, lamp supply and construction installation, sets foot in the field. Technicians direct work here whole day long to guarantee the professional construction and the installation effect of lamps to the maximum extent. 
Repeated adjustment and  pursuit of precision 
Adjustment, inspection, and calculation and installation of lamps are associated with the lighting and displaying functions of the tower building. And as a landmark in Shenzhen City, Ping An Center’s lighting design requires precision in details. After repeated adjustments in its display effect, the utilization of lamps, the source and angle of lighting, the whole adjustment and coordination degree of surrounding areas reach the best harmony. 
Super high-rise building requires steadiness in the lamps installation so wind resistance tests are necessary so that any potential risks can be excluded. Meanwhile, water and acid proof tests can estimate the performance of lamps in the rain and all kinds of erosive substances. Fortune Lighting project team is stationed in the field, readjust the lamps and strive to guarantee the quality and quantity of lighting design. 
To have a complete and natural view effect of the building at daytime, lamps need to be installed in shelters and partially colored on their surfaces. After communicating with the curtain wall partner, we paint lamps in the color of the curtain wall to make them highly unified with the appearance and style of the whole building and thus conceal the lamps. 
Going all out, making infinite breakthrough and seeking for precision 
This time, we see the world at Ping An International Finance Center in Shenzhen.


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