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Guangxi Financial Center Plaza Lighting Project

Lighting Engineering of Guangxi Finance Plaza
It covers a land area of 19,604.92 m2and a total building area of 214,161.19m2, Among which, the area of the 68-storey building aboveground is 152,812.02m2 and the area of the 4-storey building underground is 61,349.17 m2. The tower building is 299.7m2 high (structural elevation) and the podium building is 34.8m2 high (construction elevation). 
This lighting project is to mainly use LED pixel lights on the main structure of Guangxi Finance Plaza. LED pixel lights are used in combination with vertical aluminum decorative strips on the building elevation, and both of them are distributed upward to integrate with the building. Pixel lights will form various patterns and color lumps by changing colors, and achieve lighting functions depicted in the plan design. LED strip lights and wall washer lights highlight the refuge storey and silhouette the 4-corner architecture. Besides the above-mentioned elevation lamps, floodlights are used around the hanging garden on top of the building. The top forms a lighthouse effect, which makes the night scene of the building full of images and rich in layers. The lighting characters of ‘Guangxi Rural Credit Cooperatives’ are set on the building. The decorative lighting on the annex building works with embedded LED strip lights.  Two LED display screens and lighting characters are set on the elevations of Minzu Avenue and Zhongjian Road. 


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