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Jia Zhao Ye Plaza

Kaisa Plaza 
This project locates on the southeast junction between Xidawang Road and Jianguo Road in East 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and nears Songgong Village in the east, 12th Building on Xidawang Road in the west and Jiangguo Raod in the north. It is close to Chang’an Street, the longest street in Beijing and is a part of the east extended area of Chaoyang CBD Central Business District. 
This project contains south and north buildings. The south building is 40-storey while the north building has 43 floors. It covers a total area of 247,646.3m2. The aboveground building area is 174,722.5m2 and the underground building area is 72,923.8m2. The south building is 1,022,66.7m2 with 40 floors. The 1st to 4th floors of the north building are for commercial use (with a building area of 16,187m2). The 5th to 26th floors are 32,267.8m2. The 27th to 39th floors area commercial apartments (with a building area of 16,329m2). The 40th to 43th floors are official area (with a building area of 4,059 m2). The project basement also contains south and north areas with 4 floors totally. The first floor of the basement in the north area is for commerce (with a building area of 8,700m2). The basement in the north area covers a total building area of about 34,800m2, and the basement in the south area covers a total building area of about 35,000m2.


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