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Bei Chen Time Mansion

North Star Times Tower
Completion time: 2007
Located at the northwest corner of Anhui Bridge of North Fourth Ring Road, the North Star Times Tower is magnificently situated in the Asian Olympic Business Center and integrates International Class A Office Building and Top-Grade Shopping Mall. Its total building area is 130,000 m2 and it is jointly designed by Korean Ruihan Comprehensive Building Office  and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design.
The project abandons the traditional ways of using a large area of lights for illumination, while adopts the strip LED for the outline of horizontal and vertical lines of building facade. And with the control system, the dynamic and changeable effects of moving slides and colorful chasing can be realized and the dynamic lines are concise and fluent.
The lamplight is designed by Brandi (Germany) while our company is responsible for lighting detailed design, lamp supply and construction& installation.
The project won the third prize of Beijing Illuminating Engineering Society in 2009.


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